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Beef Chapli Kabob

Fried beef patty with traditional chapli spices and herbs.

Beef Seekh Kabob

Minced beef; Traditional spices & Flavors.

Chicken Peshawri Chapli Kabob

Fried Minced Chicken Patty with Traditional Spices.

Chicken Koobideh

Minced Chicken Marinated with Traditional Sumac and Saffron.

Chicken Malai Kabob

Chicken Cubes Marinated with Cardamom, Cream Cheese, And Mozzarella.

Chicken Tandoori Seekh Kabob

Ground Chicken Marinated with Traditional Spices Along with Spicy Tandoori...

Chicken Tandoori Boti (Cube)

Chicken Thigh Meat Cubed Marinated in Traditional Tandoori Spices.

Shrimp Shish Kabob

6 Whole Jumbo Shrimp and Vegetables with Tandoori or Garlic...

Grandma Recipe Seekh Kabob

Minced Lamb or Goat Marinated in Traditional Grandma's Spices.

Kabob Platters

Any Two Sides, Only Dine-In - One Pitcher of Soda...

Kabob Platters

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